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The Patch Boys® offer both drywall and plaster services. From minor repair jobs to new installations. Our commitment to customer and service and quality work is why our customers choose us time after time.

person spackling ceiling

Drywall Repair

We specialize in small drywall repair jobs. We fix any hole, any size, any place! With over a decade of experience in patching and installing drywall in Phoenix, AZ, The Patch Boys of Phoenix is the most effective and efficient drywall repair company in the area. We strive to have most jobs done within the same day and get your walls and ceilings to “like nothing ever happened” condition.

Ceiling Repair

Is your ceiling in need of repair after a water leak? Or did you accidentally create a hole while moving things around in the attic? Worry not! The Patch Boys® of Phoenix are here to help. Our team of experts can quickly repair any holes in your ceiling and restore it to its original condition in no time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your ceiling repair project.

New Installations

Do you have a bonus room above the garage you’re finally ready to finish? Or are you finishing your basement? The Patch Boys® specialize in these types of small installs and can get you scheduled and your drywall installed quickly. We are also available for complete home installations.

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